An open letter from Ok Go.

Here’s an interesting open letter by the band Ok Go.  I found it today on Gizmodo and thought it would be interesting to share.  They give what I think is a pretty balanced description about why their latest video on YouTube can’t be embedded.  It’s not that they aren’t upset, they are, but the letter gives some interesting insights into how and why their record label (EMI) does certain things.  The way they describe how the label tries to monetize videos put out is one thing.  However towards the end they talk about how it’s better for the band to get x number of hits on one site versus the same number spread out over different video sharing services.  If you read the letter I’d be interested to know what you think.  Post a comment and we can talk about it.  On a different subject, I expect to have my next full post done by the end of the week so (as they say) stay tuned.