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CREDO Dallas' Community Choir

Technologies: Wordpress

I helped CREDO change and update the design of their old website at no charge. They are a non-profit ecumenical choir in Dallas, TX. Jonathan Palant (CREDO's director/conductor) was interested in keeping the same basic content on the site while making it easier to use. Since CREDO already had Wordpress installed, we worked together to select a new theme, coloring, and overall style. Some features of the new site include:

  • Fully responsive design
  • New rehearsal location page with Google Maps integration and
  • More logical layout on the home page with side by side content.

The old logo with the choir's name and flowers was abandoned in favor of using only the flowers.

Fragile X Quiz

Fragile X Quiz

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript

This was a special project for me to work on. My youngest son has full mutation FXS and my wife and older son are both carriers. Other members of our family are carriers and have full mutation FXS as well. FXS is considered a rare disease even though the odds of being a carrier are fairly high. I wanted to make a simple application that would demonstrate my understanding of jQuery and JavaScript and address an important issue in my life and the lives of the people I care about.

Maps to Music

Maps to Music

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Leaflet JS, Tone JS

Data can be represented in many different ways. Many times this data is in images like charts, graphs, or infographics. But that is not the only way to experience information. Another way is through sonification which turns data into sound.

This project uses the MapQuest API to get driving directions between cities. Then the route is displayed and then can be played back as sound. The latitude and longitude are passed into a synthesizer created with Tone.JS. They are played back as a "melody" at 1,000th of the time it would take to make the actual trip.

Blog Project


Technologies: Node, Express, Mongoose, Mocha/Chai, jQuery

This application is a demonstration of server side development. In this case appearances can be deceiving. The purpose of this application was to develop a working API with a connection to a database.



Technologies: Bourbon/Neat, ToneJs, NexusUI

This is one of my favorite projects! The nexusUI web audio component library is fantastic! It allows developers to develop musical applications in the browser. I combined these elements with ToneJS to develop the synthesizer and add a variety of effects.

Daily Report

Daily Report

Technologies: CSS3, Webpack, React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, axios

I made this project using React (Facebook's front end framework) and Redux (the state management tool). They are a powerful combination for creating and maintaining web applications. While this project doesn't currently have its own back end, Redux's state management would make developing one a quick process.