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  • PHP Generator Functions Are Amazing
    Lately I've been working on a project for the UConn admissions office. Part of the project was to create a WordPress plugin that would take a CSV file and read the rows into the database on a schedule. Which is easy enough right? The problem was that there were over 16,000 rows to insert....
  • Use Lando Build Steps for a Custom WordPress Development Environment
    Lando is a great local development tool for a wide variety of projects. In this post, I talk about how to use its build step commands to set up a custom WordPress/composer development environment.
  • Managing Webpack Vendor Chunks and WordPress
    It may be old news to some, but today I took a deep(er) dive into webpack optimization. Here I'll describe how I took a WordPress plugin's main app bundle down from 440kb to 15.5kb. Then I show how I enqueued the hashed file names with a custom loader class.
  • Creating a Martial Arts Training App Part 3 - Relay Pagination with Cursors, Edges, and Nodes
    In part 1 of this series, I described how to create a prisma model for a user and then a type definition for apollo server to access that user on the database. In this post, I get into relay style pagination with cursors.
  • Creating a Martial Arts Training App Part 2 - User Creation/Log In
    Come learn how to implement JWT authentication with: apollo server, httpOnly cookies, and prisma. But first, I'll make a brief detour into the apollo server context.
  • Creating a Martial Arts Training App Part 1 - Set Up
    I'm working on a martial arts training app and journaling the process. In this post, I get into how I set up my app to use: NextJS, prisma JS, and Apollo Server.
  • Use React Hooks to Create a Toggle
    A quick example of how I learned about the `useState` and `useEffect` hooks to build a toggle menu component.
  • Git! Move!
    Every once in a while, we all have to rename a file in a git repo. Find out about the `git mv` command and how it can help keep your commits clearer and cleaner.
  • Using SVGs from a CDN?
    The other day I was thinking about inline svgs and (vs?) font icons. Mostly because I'm kind of a nerd. But then I started about better ways of managing svgs in our projects. Find out how I ended up at a small gulp task to help manage them.
  • Webpack Output Settings for Libraries
    I updated my library using webpack, broke it by accident, and then figured out how to fix it!