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Tag - Productivity

  • Bash Exansion
    Bash expansion is a great way to save time in the command line. Learn how it's done!
  • Find It
    The other day I got frustrated having to write the same command in my terminal over and over. So, I wrote a tiny bash function to handle it for me! Find out how it's good (and not as good as I might like).
  • How to Calculate Color Contrast
    Learn the basic concepts behind how to calculate color contrast.
  • Quick Aliases for Git
    Tired of typing out the same long git commands over and over? Speed up your workflow with these aliases!
  • Set up a headless raspberry pi for fun!
    The Raspberry Pi is a fun, inexpensive computer. Learn how to set up yours and connect to it from anywhere.
  • Setting up a New MacBook Pro for Web Development
    Recently I bought a new MacBook Pro. Read about some of the tools I added for web development.
  • Using SVGs from a CDN?
    The other day I was thinking about inline svgs and (vs?) font icons. Mostly because I'm kind of a nerd. But then I started about better ways of managing svgs in our projects. Find out how I ended up at a small gulp task to help manage them.
  • Git! Move!
    Every once in a while, we all have to rename a file in a git repo. Find out about the `git mv` command and how it can help keep your commits clearer and cleaner.