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Tag - WordPress Development

  • Creating a WordPress Events Plugin and Ordering the Events
    Creating a WordPress plugin is pretty easy. What's not always easy is figuring out what data you need and how you're going to manage and manipulate that data. So if you're interested in how I initially messed that up and then found an elegant solution, read on!
  • Create an Environment Variable Handler from Scratch
    Learn how to create a basic WordPress/PHP environment variable handler from scratch.
  • Learning MySQL With ExpressJS (Part 0)
    I've started working on an experiment to learn more about SQL and WordPress by building a node app!
  • Managing Webpack Vendor Chunks and WordPress
    It may be old news to some, but today I took a deep(er) dive into webpack optimization. Here I'll describe how I took a WordPress plugin's main app bundle down from 440kb to 15.5kb. Then I show how I enqueued the hashed file names with a custom loader class.
  • Use Lando Build Steps for a Custom WordPress Development Environment
    Lando is a great local development tool for a wide variety of projects. In this post, I talk about how to use its build step commands to set up a custom WordPress/composer development environment.
  • PHP Generator Functions Are Amazing
    Lately I've been working on a project for the UConn admissions office. Part of the project was to create a WordPress plugin that would take a CSV file and read the rows into the database on a schedule. Which is easy enough right? The problem was that there were over 16,000 rows to insert....